Be Not Afraid.

Last year I was in Jerusalem. We toured the city and saw the “Holy” places, stood in long lines and bought Shofars. It was brilliant. Then they took us to see mount Zion. I’m sure you’ve all heard songs and stories that talk about going “up” to Zion? And that’s probably because the crusaders didn’t […]

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It’s time to be brave

On the side of a spacecraft speeding thru the cosmos is a recording of “Dark was the night, cold was the ground” by Blind Willie Johnson. If it should be encountered by other life forms one of the first things they’ll know about humanity is an instrumental track recorded in 1927 by a blind black […]

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What went wrong with worship music? 

Years ago my wife and I started going to a church called CFC in Belfast. We had previously been at City Church where the worship was very prophetic and creative. Our bar was set pretty high. At the new church the music was varied and led mainly by a guy who ran a business and […]

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A Poem Perhaps?

Here’s a secret, He’s not mad with you, He’s not disappointed in you. He’s not upset, let down nor disillusioned with you. He loves you and believes in you and thinks you’re incredible. His thoughts toward you are positive and kind and generous all the time. He has hope and a future for you. Do […]

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Flying or falling with style?

What is courage? I sometimes hear myself described as a pioneer and a trailblazer and the most shocking to me personally, an influential church leader. Truthfully I don’t perceive myself in any of these ways. I grew up in the Braniel estate in the 1970’s. I was raised in a culture that told me catholics […]

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For evil to triumph

I find it very interesting that the couple of posts I’ve put up on social media recently regarding loving LGBTQ people better and more inclusively have attracted some of the most upsetting and angry spirited comments from people in the name of holding to truth. The most revealing aspect of these comments is the intolerance […]

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I was recently at a worship event. There was a young girl there, not long married who I was chatting to. She was serving and helping out. As we chatted I asked her if her husband lived in Ireland cause I’d not met him. “You mean my wife” she said. I’ve know this beautiful girl […]

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