A Poem Perhaps?

Here’s a secret,

He’s not mad with you,

He’s not disappointed in you.

He’s not upset, let down nor disillusioned with you.

He loves you and believes in you and thinks you’re incredible.

His thoughts toward you are positive and kind and generous all the time.

He has hope and a future for you.

Do not despair for Love beckons you while you’re still far off, running to greet you with outstretched arms.

To place a ring on your finger and kiss your neck.

Papa is throwing a party in your honor and rolling out the red carpet of welcome for you yes, you!!!

Are you tired are you weary are you sick of running up hill.



Sit a while.

Love is lifting the burden from your back and taking the noose from round your neck and putting your wheels on the right track.

Love yes Love wiping the sweat and tears of all the years from your eyes.

Love. Yes love.

Be not afraid for into the world has come a great light.

He’s calling your name again and again.

Be NOT afraid.

Love is on your side.

Yes love Love scandalous Love.

A love that adores you.

A love going before you.

A love dreaming more of you.


Unquenchable love.

Love that keeps no record of wrongs. Love that isn’t haughty isn’t proud, isn’t arrogant, isn’t loud. Love that protects the weak, its meek turning the other cheek yet has a streak of Aslan slaying the queen of coldness. Bringing spring to the land of endless winter.

Drip drip drip the sound of summer melting death with the breath of life. The fresh breath of new life pushing the old knurled nuggets of last years leaves off. And as they fall, the bright green of life emerges like a parable of Love winning. Stop.

Take a deep breath.

Can you taste it?


Reckless love and outrageous grace meet in a warm embrace where sloppy wet new born kisses smoother you with love love love.

Rest for like Hawkeye in Last of the Mohicans love will find you. 

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