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For evil to triumph

I find it very interesting that the couple of posts I’ve put up on social media recently regarding loving LGBTQ people better and more inclusively have attracted some of the most upsetting and angry spirited comments from people in the name of holding to truth. The most revealing aspect of these comments is the intolerance […]

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I was recently at a worship event. There was a young girl there, not long married who I was chatting to. She was serving and helping out. As we chatted I asked her if her husband lived in Ireland cause I’d not met him. “You mean my wife” she said. I’ve know this beautiful girl […]

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A simple twist of fate

I’m typing this in the lounge of a Boston Massachusetts airport. Pauline and I are off on a five week tour of the US. I’m thinking that if you’re not careful, its easy to get stuck in a rut. All you need to do is not change anything. But as someone once said, a sure […]

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