Hank (Special Edition) Limited to 99 Copies


Check out a little video I made for move it on over https://youtu.be/gyeIoDkkLPg




The Songs of Hank Williams: What the critics say:

‘Imagine what Elvis, Scotty and Bill would have sounded like playing Hank Williams songs at Sun in 1956 with the Jordanaires. And imagine you could hear that in pristine sound. Well, now we don’t have to because Brian Houston has set up a magic cauldron and poured into it Hank’s immortal songs from the 1940s, Presley’s electricity from middle 50s, the Jordanaires’ sublime vocal harmonies and the surfeit of skills and passion and joie de vivre that he himself brings to everything he does – and the result is shiny new light through a well-loved old monochrome window. The recording technology may be digital but everything else oozes the excitement and spectacle of real, organic performance – a high-wire act of vocal finesse, valve-amp guitar, handclaps and double bass. And not a drum kit in sight!’ 


The Special edition will feature a bonus disc of the King Boru Project. Yes another full album of electronic remixes of music from songs from my father and a bonus track.




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