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The return of the Irish Rover

Recently relocated back to his native Belfast, Brian Houston has not had time to get over his transatlantic jet lag before he’s recorded and is releasing a brand new album. A complete departure from his always self penned albums, Houston has presented a selection of gems from his childhood. Entitled “Songs From My Father”, Brian has taken the songs he was taught at home by his parents and infused them with a fresh creative sparkle!

Currently on tour in the England, Houston will return home launch the album at his headline show on Saturday March 5th in the Empire Music Hall as part of the Belfast Nashville Festival. When asked why this sudden turn around from his policy of only releasing his own compositions, Houston replied “There’s some thing about being away from home for a long time that makes you appreciate your culture and heritage. I was being asked for songs from home in the states and I decided to look more into the folk music of the sixties after seeing the movie, “Inside Lewyn Davis”. I was reminded of how many great songs my Dad had introduced me to that I’d more or less ignored. The more I bought the more, I was inspired by the stories and the melodies of my childhood”

And the reaction has been amazing? “Yes absolutely!”

Brian said “The feedback has been pretty astounding! People of all ages and parts of the island have remarked how much the songs take them back and remind them of who they are”

Whilst some of these songs may be a few hundred years old, their tunes and tails resonate with people like they always did. This album is so fresh you’d think these songs were penned last week. Uilleann pipes and low whistles mingles with rich backing vocals and sweet harmonies that sound like the Clancy Brothers and the Dubliners had a session with Bon Iver and First aid Kit. A truly unique blend of old and new, Songs of my Father” honours not just Houston’s dad, but the culture of his homeland too.

What THEY say

With more than 25 albums to his credit; Houston has shared stages with the likes of Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Robert Plant and Chuck Berry.

“Bristling with hope joy love and fabulous songs”

**** Mojo

“It was thirty seconds in when I realized what a really special piece of music this was. One of Britain’s great song writers!”

**** Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“Houston ensures that there is heartfelt lyrical substance behind every song with a glimpse of his easy humorous rapport with an audience ensures that a spin of this well crafted album invariable ends in a smile!”

**** Maverick Magazine

“There is something wonderfully familiar and comfortable about this album. By familiar I don’t mean un-original. Not in the least! Each song is a well made beauty,  remarkable little number that stands on it’s own. It’s the feeling of the work that brings me some warm wind of remembrance.

**** Paste Magazine USA

“If Ron Sexsmith and Elvis had a baby; gave it to bob Dylan to raise but hired Van Morrison as a nanny they’d call it Brian Houston…”

**** The Drew Marshall Show