Think Like A Cree?

Recently I was on the northern frontier of Canada. It was a small village of Cree speaking people. I was there to contribute to the music. Morning meetings could last up to four and a half hours and evening meetings as long as six. From Wednesday to Sunday night that was our schedule.

One evening the visiting speaker from the Bronx in New York was trying to get his teaching over via the translator.

The speaker kept trying to communicate the concept of delay. He tried at least six different ways to explain the idea of something not happening when it should. He was endeavouring to explain this idea and he kept running into a brick wall. Each time he tried he’d look at the translator to see if she’d got it and each time she said “We have no word for that.” or “Sorry that doesn’t translate”.

For amazingly in the culture of this ancient people,the idea of growing frustrated because you don’t get what you want fast enough doesn’t exist.

In their minds things happen when the process it takes to make them happen is complete. That’s just how long it takes. “When we are ready it will happen!”

To the western mind this is ridiculous because we are accustomed to pushing the time envelope to conform to our desires or at least trying to.

And this is why many of us live dissatisfied lives. We are wanting something to happen now and our creator is aware that we are not ready for it yet. He will only release it to you when the process of developing you is complete.

Of course many of us find ways to fast track the system. We get what we think we desire as fast as possible and because we are not ready for it, it doesn’t satisfy like it should or worse still, it destroys our experience or even ruins or costs us our lives.

So today beloved understand this; trust that it will come when you have grown enough to handle it and if it hasn’t come yet the process isn’t finished.

Or in other words “Think like a Cree and you’ll be free!”

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