A Simply Ode, Strummed to The Rhythm of an Aerosmith Hymn.

If the words placed on the screen
By a young lesbian girl who dares to dream
If the photos on your page are the creativity born of rage
By the young gay man defiled at thirteen who’s seldom seen
At the door of the temple.
Would all heaven fall down and shake the very ground
If the transvestite down town sporting a crown found love,
real love that melted her heart
And that was the start
Of not running from danger
Afraid of a stranger
Born in a manger
Whos eyes of compassion
Bled love ever lasting?
If the sermon is preached
By a man who’s secrets are held
To protect the image he longs for the world to believe
So he doesn’t get booted, shot or shooted
Like a bolt from the blue into oblivion.
And sinking from the public eye,
His minstry in tatters
His book sales plummeting
He discovers redemption
That fame had prevented
Because pride always meant that
Love was locked out
Cause there just wasn’t time
For that kind of thing
And the kid playing music has questions in his mind
where he worries all the time
If he’s wasting his time
Playing here for the crowd
When in truth is
He’d rather be famous in the “real” world.
Whats the difference if the secrets kept aren’t sexual but ambitional?
Would love, love less or more?
Because the god he worships is only fame
And after all isn’t that the game
We all play these days
From X Factor to Idol
Idol Idol
Isn’t the clue in the title
But thats ok
Isn’t it?
A little bit of fame cant hurt can it?
Ask Jimmy or Janice or Kurt or Elvis
They’ll all tell you fame is harmless
Won’t they?
What if we all knew
That His love is so encompassing that
He doesn’t need us to guard the bastions of truth
As if love needed proof.
Is His love so fragile that He requires us to proclaim
Truth truth truth
As if He ever needed proof?
What if the joy of heaven engulfed our hearts so completely
That we found a rest so sublime that time
Itself seemed to stand still?
If heaven came to earth and for a moment all strivings ceased?
Where belief was not a prerequisite
Because love was in the kitchen making tea
Saying sit for a while child
Show me your smile child
You are all mine child
Mine mine mine.
Are we really so narrow
So scared of tomorrow
That we turn on each other
Stabbing our brothers
Or sisters or others
And Jesus he say
Baby I am the way
The truth and the life
So walk this way
Walk THIS way
Walk this way
And Jesus he say
Baby I am the way
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